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    Writing on the left side of the viewport works with this code-


    And also the light system works with the new code. For PWM should I just make new handle that will have 256 value for power? Thanks a lot for the help!

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    @Gordon thanks for the reply. this exactly what I needed!


    char-write-req 0x0010 4c45442e746f67676c6528290a

    worked properly and turned the led on and again doing it turned it off. But when I write


    In WebIDE it doesn't give me any hexadecimal character

    And I also followed the simblee clone instruction

    char-write-req 0x0013 000001

    this writes but the led doesn't turn on.

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    My hardware properly as far as I have tested and also software.

    What code is being referred to as there isn't any provided in this thread?

    No, I am just using bluez to connect to the Bluetooth and commanding from their which works with other companies BLE. BlueZ is official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack. It is an Open Source project distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL). BlueZ kernel is part of the official Linux kernel since version 2.4.6. This is their official website-http://www.bluez.org/faq/common/

    Has the WebIDE been used as a double check?
    How are the Javascript commands being sent to the MDBT42Q?

    I have used the webIDE was capable of using usual commands and turning light on and off.

    Q1: Are we working with the module or the breakout board?
    What voltage is being applied to power the MDBT42Q?
    Q3: . . . and to which pins, both power and ground?

    Yes, the MDBT4Q breakout board. I have applied 5v through usb and checked all pins after I ran gatttool command.

    Q4: Which tutorial(s) have been attempted and what were the results?

    None. I am trying to implement these for a research as simblee is out of market.

    Q5: What was the result of digitalWrite() and pinMode()from post #2 above?
    Q6: What was the result of both examples from post #6 above?

    It worked properly with formatting and blinking. But for gattool it wrote something according to the terminal but there was no voltage output in any pin.

    Q7: If breakout board, were the LED's able to be illuminated?


    Q8: If breakout board, what is the voltage at the pin adjacent to D14 labeled 3.3?
    Q9: If breakout board, what is the voltage at the pin adjacent to D7 labeled Vin?

    They are according to the manual as 3.3v and 5V.

    This is the real problem. After writing I think I was supposed to get a voltage in some pin which I am not.

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    I have used this code before but I am interested in commanding through terminal as bluez was created to communicate to BLE. I have worked with other BLE and it worked but I don't know why I can't find voltage on the pins of espruino.

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    The image sharing was a mistake from my end but you can see it now with new tab. And I want to turn on and off through terminal of linux os lets say.

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    @Robin to see the image you have to do new tab by right clicking. And I am trying to write on pins through the terminal.

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    Hi Espruino Community,
    I am trying to use Bluez(gatttool) with MDBT42Q. I don't have much experience with neither of them but for another micro-controller called simblee (not sold anymore), I was able to write on pins through bluez gatttool. With espruino, I had little bit of luck in the steps so far as I can connect to espruino from terminal and write something(which I don't know what is it.

    It is what happened with espruino. Usually when I do write with simblee it writes to 0 pin of that micro-controller but there is no handle it says. So I generated 100 handle and I found some handle that works.

    and when I wrote on those handle it worked properly. But it none of the pins are giving me any voltage.

    Can anyone please tell me what should I do that will let me write on the pins through terminal? Thanks.

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    Can anyone please give a tutorial or direction on how to use python on Espruino MDBT42Q .