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    Yep, @johan_m_o is right - it's a stuck button.

    Please could you try pressing it gently and rocking the button up/down/left/right sideways? It's the first I've heard of one getting stuck but there were some cases where the button didn't register clicks and that seemed to fix it fine.

    I've tried the suggested technique but had no luck. I can now feel that the "keycap" does not seem to be as well attached - sometimes pressing the button results in instant resistance, but others it slips slightly, or is mushy, before resisting. In both cases I can still register an audible click at the bottom of the travel.

    Is there anything else worth doing? Otherwise it's pretty disappointing to have only had a few weeks out of it.

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    Thanks for thoughts. I've given it a go, but not had any luck. There is still good tactile feedback when I push the button, so I assume something tiny is inside making a contact. Maybe I'll try a vacuum cleaner.

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    I should have just recorded a video to start with. Always makes things much easier to debug.

    This shows what happens when the battery is completely dead and it is connected to the cable - https://streamwo.com/file/61af5a2262dbf

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    Thanks Gordon - no idea how I missed that...

    Unfortunately there is no way to take those steps. This is what happens while there is battery capacity (without touching the screen or button):

    1. White bootloader appears (is this right term?)
    2. Loading meter fills
    3. Black Bangle.js OS screen appears
    4. Checking storage...
    5. Storage Ok.
    6. Return to 1.

    Is there any lower level way to reset it? Bit worried it's bricked.

    Quick thought - could there be some kind of contact inside the button which gives it pressed state constantly? I was fine until I took it off my wrist - no idea how that could have caused it, but perhaps an option?

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    Last night I took off my Bangle.js 2 and laid it on side table, so I could read in bed. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that some light was coming on and off from it - it was face down. I picked it up and saw that it was stuck in a boot loop. This morning when the battery had died, I tried charging it again and it started the loop once more.that

    I've not done much interesting with it yet - no firmware updates and just installing a few apps from the store. And I can't think of anything unusual that I have done with it - no jet skiing, scuba diving or having MRIs.

    I can't find any documentation about what to do. This is the type of thing I was hoping for, but it only applies to v1 - https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js#reset­ting-without-loading-any-code

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    @Robin and @allObjects
    Right after you gave me your advice I went through a long patch of not having any quality thinking time, due to having two very young kids.

    But I came back to it over the weekend, reflected more on what I was doing and got pretty much to where I wanted to get to. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply - it did help. And knowing about dump() is going to be a big help going forward.

    For the record, I think that I'd been getting confused by looking at code examples which featured JSON without really clocking that they were JSON. I simplified my data to being an "object of objects", adapted my functions to not rely on indexers and now it works.

    The only thing which would have made life a bit nicer is the Object.values() method which I learnt about while reading around. I guess there isn't enough space to include everything in Espruino - shouldn't be greedy :)

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    I restructured my data in "days" a few times and lost understanding of what I was dealing with. I thought that it was an object as I couldn't reference its contents with an index e.g


    Firefox console says:

    TypeError: days[2] is undefined

    If it's an array after all, then I'll do some more reading about arrays. Thanks

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    Thank you very, very much indeed. This makes sense now, but I couldn't find any examples which illustrated it in usual places (W3, StackOverflow, etc.). Probably wasn't searching for the right terms.