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    Thanks for that Gordon & good tip about BLE.

    In terms of protocols, does Puck support iBeacon, Eddystone or both? Our app will be React Native and I understand there are several suitable libraries which can be used on iOS & Android. If not then I guess we'd have to wrap one of the native ones and access that.


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    We've identified a potential use case for the Puck, however, both I and our mobile dev team is fairly new to beacons. I wondered if our use case is possible across iOS & Android?

    We have a requirement for an individual user to send custom strings direct to multiple users of our app via a short-range localized method (i.e; not push notifications or something client > server, it needs to be point-to-point within a classroom setting).

    My thinking was to potentially use Pucks as little "broadcast relays". Case:

    • An individual usually an instructor, would tap a button in their app that would send strings to the Puck
    • The Puck would then use the strings as it broadcast message.
    • Users within range would launch their app and choose the correct message (in case of multiple pucks being in range)

    Does this sound feasible?