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Maker, coder, IoT enthusiast & electronic hobbyist. I've dabbled for several years on and off with Arduino, Raspberry Pi's, Beaglebones & CircuitPython Feathers. However I recently purchased my first Espruino item, a Pixl.js which so far is proving extremely useful.

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    Thanks guys,

    Okay time to come clean, if I’m being totally honest I think I was having a ‘senior moment’. In as much as, I may have not completely removed the battery power - Duh !

    All resolved now, sorry ;-)



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    Having had my Pixl.js (updated to 2V03) for just over 24hrs it's fair to say I'm still very much learning. Having played around a bit, I used the save() function to write to the flash.

    However, I'm now unable to clear out the saved code by performing a 'hard reset' (as per the instructions) by pressing BTN 1 for ten seconds; as it simply doesn't appear to work.

    Holding BTN 1 for ten seconds does absolutely nothing, at no point does my Pixl.js display 'Removed saved code from Flash'. Upon removing & replacing the battery the original saved code reboots.

    BTN 1 is functioning correctly as I'm able to turn the toggle the backlight on and off.

    Any suggestions as to how I perform a hard reset to clear the flash?

    Kind regards,