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    Thank you very much!!!
    It works!

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    Hi all,

    I am using puck.js in advertising mode with the firmware version 2v01 an I am pretty new in using puck.js. I started with the code:

      0x180F : Puck.getBatteryPercentage()
    },{name: "puckName", interval: 1000});

    I used a constant voltage generator to simulate the drop of the battery level. After I had changed the voltage from 2,9 V to 2,7 V, I waited days along but the puck.js didn't refresh the battery level (it stays 100%). On the other side, if I connect to Espruino Web IDE and upload the code, than the battery level is refreshed immediately, showing some 80% for 2,7 V.

    How can I get the puck.js to update the battery level during advertising? Is it possible to configure the interval, like once per day.

    I have also tried the solution suggested in this Forum:

      0x180F : { // Battery Service
        0x2A19: {  // Battery Level
          readable: true,
          notify: true,
          value : [Puck.getBatteryPercentage()]
      advertise: [ '180F' ]

    In this case I get the empty service data (i.e. any battery level shown)

    Thank you in advance!