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    Hi all,

    Thanks for all your help! Will definitely look through those links, and I've gotten a much better understanding of how everything works.
    Double checked, and I was using the correct DHT11 module after all, but even so, shouldn't it still be returning some kind of raw value? When doing analogRead(D3), a value is returned, although not sure if it's correct because doing analogRead() on any pin (even empty ones) seem to return a value around 0.9.

    This is the arduino shield and temperature + humidity sensor being used:

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    We are beginners with javascript and are confused on how to interface the sensors with the Pixl.js.
    It doesn't seem too complicated, but there aren't many examples on how to use them together. We've looked at this, but are confused why certain parts of the code are commented out, or what we would put in the (...) sections.

    Also, specifically for the temp + humidity sensor, we found the DHT11 module and tried using that as well:

    var dht = require("DHT22").connect(D3);
    dht.read(function (a) {console.log(JSON.stringify(a));});

    But this doesn't return any raw values.
    temp and humidity = -1

    The sensor should be connected to the right pin and we have also made sure to flash the Pixl.js with the most recent firmware 2v04. What could be the issue with this?

    Also, is there any sample code we could refer to in javascript for the other sensors?