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    Thanks, guys! It is now kind of working. However, "NaN" is showing up for lat and lon:

    "time": "02:57:23",
    "lat": NaN, "lon": NaN, "fix": 0, "satellites": 0, "altitude": NaN }

    Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

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    Would you please post the results of entering in the IDE: process.env

    Here are the results:

    "VERSION": "1v80",
    "BUILD_DATE": "Aug 7 2015",
    "BUILD_TIME": "11:30:04",
    "GIT_COMMIT": "44f2fc15e94e3eac6cb0cbd908b66ec8886e9d8­8",
    "CHIP": "STM32F103RCT6",
    "CHIP_FAMILY": "STM32F1",
    "FLASH": 262144, "RAM": 49152,
    "SERIAL": "39ffe105-47483537-09671543",
    "CONSOLE": "USB",
    "EXPORTS": { "jsvLock": 95777, "jsvLockAgainSafe": 95763, "jsvUnLock": 95739, "jsvSkipName": 48017,

    "jsvMathsOp": 83813, "jsvMathsOpSkipNames": 103165, "jsvNewFromFloat": 43857, "jsvNewFromInteger": 43899, "jsvNewFromString": 193573,
    "jsvNewFromBool": 43877, "jsvGetFloat": 70037, "jsvGetInteger": 192485, "jsvGetBool": 83453, "jspeiFindInScopes": 63905,
    "jspReplaceWith": 127945, "jspeFunctionCall": 53589, "jspGetNamedVariable": 112893, "jspGetNamedField": 112749, "jspGetVarNamedField": 112349,
    "jsvNewWithFlags": 193369 }
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    Hi! I recently purchased an Ublox NEO6MV2, an Original Espruino Board, and an Espruino Pico after reading the webpage linked above. I connected the Original Espruino Board to the Ublox GPS Module. I connected VCC to BAT, tx to C10, rx to C11, and GND to GND. The red light on the Ublox GPS module blinks every second or so; however, I entered the code shown below, and this error message pops up: "Uncaught InternalError: setDeviceClockCmd: Unknown Device 816 at line 1 col 35 Serial4.setup(9600,{tx:C10,rx:C11})." After trying it again a few other times, a different error message that simply reads "undefined" shows up.

    This is the code I entered:

    var gps = require("GPS").connect(Serial4, function(data) {

    I have also tried Serial3, Serial 2, B10/B11, and A2/A3, but they all don't work as well. I'm also doing this near a window. What am I doing wrong? Is there something wrong with the code I'm entering in? Can someone please help me? Thanks!