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    I followed the steps provided in the steps to flash Espruino on ESP 8266 using esptool.py . I am unable to flash and i am getting fatal error continuously.

    WARNING: Flash size arguments in megabits like '4m' are deprecated.
    Please use the equivalent size '512KB'.
    Megabit arguments may be removed in a future release.
    esptool.py v2.6-beta1
    Serial port COM3

    A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to Espressif device: Timed out waiting for packet header

    I am trying from windows 10 PC connecting through COM port.

    As any fyi - I successfully flashed espruino into nodemcu in past, but i am failing in arduino UNO model.

    Please provide pointers to me. If it is not possible then please let me know, so that i won't try.

    thank You,