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    This is amazing and exactly what I'm after, I'll take a look at all this info and report back with my findings. Thanks again!

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    Hey there,

    I'm sorry, although I can code pretty well, all these terminologies are kinda lost on me. The pic of a button is attached, it doesn't require much force to push to be honest. I just need it to tap the power button at the top.

    Is there a simple guide I can follow for the basics, something like this (but it's Arduino). They seem to use a hardware clock to limit the power draw of the servo which should increase the battery life.


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    Thank you for this, it's super helpful.

    Since this is the first time I'm trying this, I think I'll get the clunky relay module (and then upgrade once it works as expected).

    Which is the cheapest board that could do this? I guess Pico is great cos it's tiny.

    I ideally want to run a timer on the board and then at certain times, activate the servo.

    To help save battery life, am I right in thinking I could switch the power pin of the servo (without blowing it)? Do you have any articles that explains this in more detail?

    I've seen this which seem to show a super simple approach:

    The adafruit site says "Never charge or use unattended.".

    Is there a workaround for this, maybe safer batteries?

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    Hi all!

    I've got a towel radiator which has a unit where you can press a button to turn it on an off. I'd like to use a micro servo to hit the on and off switch (by different rotations).

    Since this in the bathroom, I don't have access to any power, would it be possible to run this on batteries? Are there any tips on ensuring the power doesn't drain too fast?

    The article above mentions a hardware timer but I couldnt find any on the site.

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    This is great, thank you! I'll get reading....

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    Hi all,

    I love the Logitech Harmony remote range but don't like how expensive it is. Since I know how to write javascript, I thought I'd try and make my own remote.

    At the moment, I've got a Raspberry PI hooked up to a IR receiver and it is able to receive commands from different remotes to control my Marantz Amp, Panasonic TV and Apple TV.

    I'd like to now build one remote (instead of using 3). Has anyone ever attempted this?

    Ideally I'd like the remote to connect via Bluetooth to the Pi and send over custom commands which the Pi then controls.

    I'd also like to understand if it's possible to remove the Pi altogether and get the remote to do all the heavy lifting.

    Ideally I'd love a screen (may e-ink) so it's possible to know the state of some functions (like Voice mode on, Night mode on).

    Any tips or links to tutorials would be much appreciated!