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    This is great, thank you! I'll get reading....

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    Hi all,

    I love the Logitech Harmony remote range but don't like how expensive it is. Since I know how to write javascript, I thought I'd try and make my own remote.

    At the moment, I've got a Raspberry PI hooked up to a IR receiver and it is able to receive commands from different remotes to control my Marantz Amp, Panasonic TV and Apple TV.

    I'd like to now build one remote (instead of using 3). Has anyone ever attempted this?

    Ideally I'd like the remote to connect via Bluetooth to the Pi and send over custom commands which the Pi then controls.

    I'd also like to understand if it's possible to remove the Pi altogether and get the remote to do all the heavy lifting.

    Ideally I'd love a screen (may e-ink) so it's possible to know the state of some functions (like Voice mode on, Night mode on).

    Any tips or links to tutorials would be much appreciated!

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    Thanks Gordon. I'll have a play around tonight on my Mac to broadcast a Bluetooth signal and see how quickly the pi picks it up.

    If it's within 1s, that's great, if it's longer then I might go down the IR route since I only want to register that a button has been pressed, not really sending any extra data.

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    Hi Gordon,

    That's quite nifty! I had gone through the tutorials but totally missed that one!

    I saw that it's possible to emit IR from the Puck. Would it be possible for the Pi to listen to IR events and respond accordingly? Would this be faster?


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    Hey all,

    Is there a simple way for the Puck to notify a Raspberry Pi once it has been clicked with relative low latency?

    I have a Marantz AVR and unfortunately, the remote isn't great, however it's got a good API and I've managed to code together some modes using Node JS.

    What I'd like to do is when the Puck is pressed, either a HTTP endpoint is called or the Puck communicates directly with the Pi which in turn would run the relevant NodeJS code.

    What's the best way for a low latency click being registered on a Pi?