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I like to programm µC, make things with a little CNC-Machine and 3D-Print. Now I learn Theremin.

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    Tank for all advices.
    I've done all these tests:

    1. I can program the pico. The connection to the IDE is ok.
    2. The alternate flashing of the two ED I could not watch. Thus, the boot loader could not be activated.
    3. I did the detection test of the button with "digitalRead (BTN1)". There was always only level "0", the test with "var iid = setInterval (function () {LED1.write (BTN1.read ());}, 100)" did not produce any result - the flashing of the LED did not change.

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    Yes, I made this test in #7. During the plugin the intervall of blinking never changed (normal programmingmode). If I understand correctly, the LED should flash briefly to indicate that the bootloader is enabled and this has not happened.

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    Here I give you the appropriate information.

    ={ "free": 5053, "usage": 47, "total": 5100, "history": 26,
    "stackEndAddress": 536958472, "flash_start": 134217728, "flash_binary_end": 380528, "flash_code_start": 134234112, "flash_length": 393216 }
    "VERSION": "1v93",
    "BUILD_DATE": "Jul 10 2017",
    "BUILD_TIME": "16:50:43",
    "GIT_COMMIT": "d504008aa8305ef0cd95225c4482bd2166c7999­3",
    "BOARD": "PICO_R1_3",
    "CHIP": "STM32F401CDU6",
    "CHIP_FAMILY": "STM32F4",
    "FLASH": 393216, "RAM": 98304,
    "SERIAL": "43006b00-04513634-30323836",
    "CONSOLE": "USB",
    "EXPORTS": { "jsvLock": 284169, "jsvLockAgainSafe": 284155, "jsvUnLock": 284129, "jsvSkipName": 128085,

    "jsvMathsOp": 76299, "jsvMathsOpSkipNames": 76349, "jsvNewFromFloat": 284485, "jsvNewFromInteger": 284521, "jsvNewFromString": 287041,
    "jsvNewFromBool": 284505, "jsvGetFloat": 128453, "jsvGetInteger": 124561, "jsvGetBool": 129445, "jspeiFindInScopes": 80285,
    "jspReplaceWith": 84649, "jspeFunctionCall": 87137, "jspGetNamedVariable": 80345, "jspGetNamedField": 81617, "jspGetVarNamedField": 81209,
    "jsvNewWithFlags": 284325 }


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    In the datasheet of the STM32 page 35 I also found the double assignment of the pins. There are also boot0 and boot1 as well as C13 and B13 for BTN and BTN1. If I measure the voltages at b13 and c13, then one of them is inactive when pressing the button.
    I suspect that might have something to do with the on-board version. The IDE recognizes the board with V1.3. If I look at the bottom of the board, then there is V1.4b. Maybe there are any changes.
    If I connect the Pico to USB and keep BTN pressed, then the status of the LEDs will not change.

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    I made the same procedure and i feel the detent 'click'. In #16 I wrote, there is a changing on Pin C13 from 0V to 3,3V, wenn I pressed the button. In this sense, the button must be ok.

    DigitalRead(BTN1) <--no pressing the button
    digitalRead(BTN1) <--Here I pressed the button

    Both worked for me. Worth a try. . . .

    What are the differences between the two switches? Do you can explain that for me?

    As @Gordon explained in #15 above, are you able to manually jumper the button and get the above digitalRead() to work? If so, are you able to flash that way?

    When I manually jumper the button it's the same. No changes of the level.

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    Hi Robin,
    that was a good advice for me with the blank line and also the tutorial with the buttons. I found that what I think. The button has no function for the µP.

    digitalRead(BTN) <--no pressing the button
    digitalRead(BTN) <--Here I pressed the button
    digitalRead(B4) <--no pressing the button
    digitalRead(B4) <--Here I pressed the button

    The extension button works fine like in the tutorial but not the BTN. That's why I can not do the Update, but what is the cause?

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    many thanks for your patience with my problem.
    The following text are my messages in the ide.

    Found PICO_R1_3, 1v93
    Loading 2929 bytes from flash...

    New Firmware available (1.93 installed, 1v99 available)
    Connected to COM4

    Connected to COM4
    Error Flashing: Can't find STM32 bootloader. Make sure the chip is reset into bootloader mode by holding down BTN1 while pressing RST

    I shorted the two contacs ab and then cd. No changes with the leds. Then I took my voltmeter. A=3,3V B=open. Then I pressed the button and B=3,3V. The same with cd. I think, the button must be ok. After that I controlled the voltage of the Pin (I think it's PC13) on the µP with is connected with the button =0V. If I pressed the button voltage=3,3V .
    I made another test. I load a programm into to RAM and pressed the resetbutton. Nomally the code was lost, in this case not. I think, the button has no function.

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    Hi Gordon,
    If I press the button on the top of the pcb during plug in, nothing happens. The blinking led not changing. It's the same, when I insert the pico without pressing a button.
    How can I insert a image in the post so that I can show you the messages. If I write a link to the image a picture is not to be seen.