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    Hi @Robin,

    Thanks for the response. I feel like abit of a tool. I never knew i had to type the "Save()" command once i upload something to my NodeMCU.

    It works now, after the "Save()" command. Thanks so much!

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    Hi there,

    i have setup my NodeMCU (ESP8266).
    It connects to wifi and then connects to my MQTT broker. For now, i simply having it turning off/on the on board LED when a message is received.

    It works fine when i have it connected to my desktop PC and have the Espruino IDE opened up after uploading the code (Send to Espruino), but for some reason when i disconnect the NodeMCU and power it via a battery back, it doesnt create the connection to my MQTT broker.

    If i disconnect it from the battery pack and plug it back into my PC then try send a message, again, it doesnt work. But once i open up Espruino IDE and click "Send to Espruino", it works again.

    It seems as if the Espruino flashed NodeMCU will only work with the software uploaded via Espruino IDE only if the application is kicked off within the Espruino IDE. Is this correct? Is there no way i can get it to work without having the Espruino IDE open?

    Sort of like when you upload code via Arduino Studio and then unplug the Arduino and then use it elsewhere, it just works.

    Your feedback is appreciated!