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Creating smart IoT solutions in the Stuttgart (Germany) area.

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    I have the same behaviour with 1v99 on a RAK8212.
    After outputting to console "Calculating Size ..." the execution of the save() function just freezes.
    I have set up a function that periodically blinks a LED, but even this blinking stops.
    I need to press the reset button and re-connect to get an espruino prompt again.

    In my case, I have found out that save() works most of the time, but in this particular case my software has registered a callback on incoming data from Serial1 (in my case from the Quectel BG96 modem). I am working with Bluetooth as console. If I throw out the code section that registers that read callback on Serial1, save() works correctly.

    So my guess it that save() somehow interferes with Serial1 and then the callback in my software is executed and the complete JS interpreter is blocked.

    I currently don't know how to go on finding out what the problem is.

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    RAK8212 with its Quectel BG96 NB-IoT radio communication module, the various built-in sensors (including also GPS) and Espruino are a dream team for efficiently prototyping smart IoT devices.

    Things already achieved:

    • Get Espruino running on RAK8212 (Espruino RAK8212 page), added a blog post here: https://bit.ly/2x6OdY8
    • Got sequence of AT commands to establish NB1 communication on Quectel BG96, working both on Vodafone (Germany) NB-IoT enabled SIM card and 1NCE SIM card (using network of Deutsche Telekom).

    Work in progress:

    • Small data logger use-case using MQTT protocol and Cayenne myDevices as backend / dashboard.
    • Checking out CoAP protocol
    • Find good strategies towards reduced power consumption - Could such a device run for years on battery?
    • Find good strategies towards minimizing communication - Are only 50MB per year possible?

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    Today I wrote "getting started" instructions at my personal blog at https://bit.ly/2x6OdY8 . I tried to make it very easy even for a beginner to get the Espruino firmware on the RAK8212.

    However, now that I go deeper, I would like to know if there are other people playing around with this device? If yes, please contact me.

    I am connecting using the "native" Web IDE, using Bluetooth to connect to the device.

    Issue #1:
    I can't get the GPS example running at http://www.espruino.com/RAK8212#gps. I get ERROR: 516 again and again.

    Issue #2:
    I would like to share experience when it comes to sending/receiving messages via LTE NB-IoT.