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    Adafruit has recently developed a hardware standard footprint, the "feather". They have boards that utilize the nRF52 Soc and espruino can be loaded on them and have developed "seesaw" which is their "i2c to everything" driver. The driver is open source and well documented. I was wondering if anyone had looked into (or would be willing to look into) porting seesaw into an espruino module. It would be awesome to have access to a plethora hardware with espruino software, it would be unbeatable.

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    I think it would be great if there was a way to collaborate with adafruit, this specific product they have , combined with espruino would be epic, it is nice to have the usb and battery charging integrated. The feather footprint would offer so many awesome accessories that they have developed for their feather line. I have a couple of the mdbt42q breakout boards from the espruino store and they are pretty cool, but I plan on trying a project with a nrf52 feather so i can try to make an easy, clean build using some feather "wings" as they call them.