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    As far as moving the UART over to a different pin and getting better results, I'm wondering if it's related to an issue I was having where the console was taking over to the USART1 pins on the Puck when I disconnected from the IDE. Basically the same as this troubleshooting post:


    Except instead of calling USB.setConsole(), for me the fix was to call:


    I did this both on the init event, and at the top of my code, and it addressed the issues I was having where it looked like console activity was appearing on my serial connection when I connected and disconnected from bluetooth. This allowed me to interact with a UART device on the tx,rx lines...

    Gordon or others, please correct me if I'm wrong here, but if this is correct, it might be worth it to add bluetooth related info to that troubleshooting page.

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    The update button in chrome://extensions/ did the trick. Now on 0.70.3. Thanks!

    Interesting note: This version of the chrome app now says its name is "Default bleoifhkdalbjfbobjackfdifdneehpo.app", whereas the version I had before said "Espruino Web IDE.app". Not a big deal...

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    @Gordon, I have a bunch of the same devices and so grabbed the board info from the one I switched over to after the other stopped working.

    Rebooted IDE. I'm still on 0.69.1 though... Maybe I should reinstall the Chrome app...

    Low Battery! I should have thought of that. Maybe low battery also caused the file loading glitch in the first place?... With charged LiPo, the board is working well again. These boards are awesome. Everytime I think I've bricked one, it comes back to life. I've never experienced this level of robustness on other platforms...


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    Hi @Robin, good call. Thanks. Here's that info:

    Chrome App version of IDE (0.69.1) on Mac
    Espruino version:
    VERSION 1v99
    GIT_COMMIT f0d66ba
    FLASH 524288
    RAM 65536
    SERIAL 38d11204-ee97e646
    CONSOLE Bluetooth
    MODULES Flash,Storage,net,dgram,http,NetworkJS,c­rypto,neopixel
    EXPTR 536882348

    Size of code: Was relatively small. Just a few functions I was testing from a larger project.

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    An error occurred when uploading code direct to flash with the IDE, and now my MDBT42Q Breakout is not working correctly. I can connect to it with the IDE, but a red error rect comes up in the bottom right of the IDE saying it can't get board info, and the REPL is not responsive. I figured I'd try a hard reset, as I've had work on the Puck, but I don't see instructions how to do a hard reset specific to the MDBT42Q. I've tried the following:

    1) Remove power. Press and hold BTN. Apply power. Keep pressing until red LED1 turns off.
    ~~This didn't result in any different behavior in the IDE from what I described in the opening paragraph.
    2) Remove power. Press and hold BTN. Apply power. Keep pressing BTN for 20 sec.
    ~~Same as above
    3) I tried to reload the firmware by putting it into firmware mode (hold BTN upon power and immediately release, red LED1 stays on). This indeed sets the device name to DfuTarg, but the nRF Connect app isn't able to connect. If I try to pair with my phone, it connects but then immediately disconnects DfuTarg.

    Anything else I can try?

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    Does the Espruino implementation of RegEx support the | "or" operator?

    Simplest test case:

    var p = /a|b/;

    Here I'm getting back false... [MDBT42Q 1v99]