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    Any updates on this? Can I help somehow? I'm still waiting for USB power meter so I can provide more precise data.

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    Thanks @Gordon for being very open and transparent about this - I respect that.

    Well to some extent you read me correct "between the lines".

    But my line of thinking is different. I base it on 2 assumptions:

    • you can buy cheaper STM32 boards too - so "risk" of not buying official board is similar
    • ESP is much more popular than STM

    So just by simple extrapolation you should have more boards sales, more project popularity (and all what goes behind it) - by how much - in theory by as much as ESP is more popular than STM.

    Don't know how to evaluate this, but this is what google says:

    But in the end it's just theory, and I'm by far not an expert - just a thought:)

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    @allObjects - just tested code from #1 and #16 again:

    • micropython (#1) -> 51 C
    • micropython (#16) -> 52 C
    • espruino (#1) -> 61 C (both BLE + WIFI disabled)

    I did not ground all the pins - so there might be noise, but conditions were the same for all tests. I also ordered USB power meter - so when it arrives I will check real power usage.

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    Well @maze1980 and @allObjects I do understand sleep vs setInterval + event loop in JS differnces.

    Still I don't understand why following code in micropython:

    led = Pin(13, Pin.OUT)
    def blink():
      led.value(not led.value())  
    t = time.ticks_ms();
    while True:
      if (time.ticks_ms() - t >= 1000):
        print((esp32.raw_temperature() - 32) * 0.5556)    
        t = time.ticks_ms()

    produces same 51 C

    I clearly I'm not putting ESP to sleep, and in a sense it's more or less what main event loop + setInterval would be doing.

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    @Wilberforce I did all my original tests with BLE disabled, then for later test (based on @AkosLukacs sugestion) I also disabled Wifi - but no significant change in temp.

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    Yepp, that's a significant difference! I guess python goes to sleep while Espruino on the ESP32 doesn't

    Looks like significant problem for power consumption - how can we raise this issue? sorry still new here :)

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    @AkosLukacs Made test with WiFi disabled, temp is 59 C - but ambient is also lower (few hours later than first test) so not sure if it's due to WiFi or ambient.

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    @AkosLukacs thanks, ambient is around 25 C.

    @Robin all 3 measurements were done during same time / same board - so absolute value is not important, more difference between measurements.