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    @Wilberforce I did all my original tests with BLE disabled, then for later test (based on @AkosLukacs sugestion) I also disabled Wifi - but no significant change in temp.

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    Yepp, that's a significant difference! I guess python goes to sleep while Espruino on the ESP32 doesn't

    Looks like significant problem for power consumption - how can we raise this issue? sorry still new here :)

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    @AkosLukacs Made test with WiFi disabled, temp is 59 C - but ambient is also lower (few hours later than first test) so not sure if it's due to WiFi or ambient.

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    @AkosLukacs thanks, ambient is around 25 C.

    @Robin all 3 measurements were done during same time / same board - so absolute value is not important, more difference between measurements.

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    My ESP32 (TTGO) is running hot, and I think it causes eventual reset.
    I first noticed it running complex code (sensors, WIFI, web server etc.) - it reached ~65 Celsius.
    So just to test I run simple blink sketch:

    function onInit() {
        let ledOn = false;
        setInterval(() => {
            console.log(`temp = ${(E.getTemperature() - 32) * 0.5556}`);
            digitalWrite(13, ledOn);
            ledOn = !ledOn;
        }, 1000);

    Surprisingly even on above it reached 62 C.

    I made same test with Mircopython:

    import esp32
    from machine import Pin
    import time
    led = Pin(13, Pin.OUT)
    while True:
        led.value(not led.value())  
        print((esp32.raw_temperature() - 32) * 0.5556)

    gave me: 51 C


    void setup() {
      pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
    bool state = false;
    void loop() {
      state = !state;
      digitalWrite(13, state);
      Serial.println((temprature_sens_read() - 32) * 0.5556);

    gave: 53 C

    Any ideas?

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    I will.

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    With ESP32 the main issue I have is restarting randomly. I believe it might have something to do with chip overheating - just blinking code get ESP32 to 65 C. In comparison blinking sketch on Arduino (or even Mircopython) keeps ESP cool (~45-50 C).

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    Thanks @Ollie I will look at it, in meantime - I got finally espruino cli "sort of" working and I quickly did this.


    Very, very much WIP but maybe could be already useful for someone.

    I can compile my projects with TSC, send it to the board and REPL, all directly from VSC.

    @Gordon I submited some PR's to espruino cli - to be honest seeing already some more issues.