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    @Gordon @AntiCat Thank you both so much!

    I was indeed a bit thrown off by the 4 pin switch and had originally grounded the OFF state based on feedback that it was needed to prevent a floating button state.

    Still learning this stuff and really appreciate your detailed explanation :)

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    Using the MDBT42 bare module in a custom board, and I had a question about the proper wiring of the reset button (BTN1) in order to get the module to enter boot loader mode.

    We are using a button with four pins since it is a stock part at our PCB fabricator and makes for a significantly cheaper build.

    With the current schematic I am able to press the button and have the module reset as expected, but I am unable to get it to go into boot loader mode when applying power with the button pressed down for a split second.

    I feel like I may be missing something really obvious here, any ideas?