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    I figured it out. I had some GPIOB configuration wrong. All seems to be working now.

    Thanks Gordon

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    Ok Ill check my code again. In Keil I did change the target to Pico chip but it is essential the same chip as my nucleo 401RE.

    Yes I can reload Espruino back on it and it works and can program through web IDE even. That's how I know the DFU process is working.

    Guess I wasn't sure if this process got rid of the Espruino bootloader too and that was causing problems if left behind.

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    I am trying to load my own code that was developed on a STM32F401 nucleo with Keil into the Pico. I tried through DfuSe and it seems to load with no errors but the program doesn't seem to be running since the led is not blinking like I set up.

    My question is how do I go about wiping out the Espruino code to load my own?
    I ruined my ability to use SWD since one of the pads pulled off. Not happy about that. usart1 PA9 isn't available to load through serial so it seems DFU is the only option. I tried with the web IDE and advanced firmware option and the red led stayed lit and that was it.

    I have read through the forums some but found nothing related.

    Any help is appreciated.