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    Yeah. The module defines a class. Is that the problem? I thought support for classes was added a couple of versions ago?

    Ahh. "Module minification" was switched to "Esprima". I've changed it to "No minification" and it works now.

    It would have been nice if the error message included a bit more information. eg Saying that it was line 2 of the module file. Is that possible?


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    Oh, I guess it might mean line 2 of the module. I didn't think of that...

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    The error occurs when I click the button to send to Espruino in the IDE. I get a red popup message over the left-hand pane.

    I'm using the Chrome extension in this instance, if it makes a difference.

    @Gordon I don't think I'm using any fancy new features, but I'll check that.

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    Hi. My code was working, but I've just upgraded to v1.99 on my Espruino WiFi, and now I'm getting the above error.

    My code starts like this:

    const neopixel = require("neopixel");
    const Lights = require("Lights");

    It definitely seems to be something to do with that second line, as I can load in other modules, but if I move the lines of code around the error message still stays Error: Line 2.

    Of course, I can rename my module if I need to. Seems like something weird is happening though. Any idea what?


    ERROR: [notify_error] Error: Line 2: Unexpected reserved word
    ERROR: Error: Line 2: Unexpected reserved word     at createError (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:87438:21)     at unexpectedTokenError (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:87507:13)     at throwUnexpectedToken (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:87512:15)     at parsePrimaryExpression (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:87870:17)     at parseLeftHandSideExpressionAllowCall (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:87961:61)     at parsePostfixExpression (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:88009:16)     at parseUnaryExpression (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:88065:20)     at parseBinaryExpression (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:88154:16)     at parseConditionalExpression (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:88213:16)     at parseAssignmentExpression (chrome-extension://bleoifhkdalbjfbobjac­kfdifdneehpo/main.js:88317:16)