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    I've been looking through the tutorials and forum looking for guidance on my proposed Puck.js setup, which is as follows:

    Raspberry Pi 3

    • Headless
    • MQTT broker (mosquitto, already set up)
    • Python code to subscribe / publish MQTT messages (already set up)

    The proposed communications requirements are simple:

    • Button press on Puck.js publishes an MQTT message to the broker on the Pi. The Pi has subscribed to this topic and then takes action on receiving this message.

    • The Pi publishes MQTT messages intended for the Puck.js. The Puck.js has subscribed to these topics, and then takes action by toggling the LEDs etc.

    Therefore, what is the minimum additional software / library installation that I need to install on the Pi?

    From the documentation, it appears that EspruinoHub is required to bridge from BLE and MQTT. Is there a requirement to install everything in the "Installation of EspruinoHub and Web IDE" section from the EspruinoHub github page?

    Presumably the EspruinoHub code is more appropriate than using Python Bluetooth libraries?

    I've no requirement for Node-RED (I think!), WebIDE, HTML or graphical interface for this project.

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    Brilliant - cheers! (yes, I did order the additional dark cover in anticipation of this helping with LED visibility)

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    Just ordered my puck.js and awaiting keenly for delivery!

    Does anyone have any experiences on the visibility of the Puck.js LEDs in sunlight with the white cover on? My proposed usage is for the Puck.js to be used as an outdoor controller to start / stop a remote data acquisition device via its button. This remote device then sends back status updates (via MQTT) to the Puck.js and this status will then be shown via the LEDs on the Puck.js. Presumably, I can turn on all three of the LEDs to amplify the brightness and create a composite RGB colour?