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    Well, now that is working with E.getTemperature()

    The command I posted with the date works when I enter it in the IDE directly, but I can't transmit it (yet).
    I'm running Epruino 1.94 on a RuuviTag.

    Thank you very much. This helped me a lot.

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    Hello Gordon

    Well, yes I am.
    Thank you for your info!

    However, I can't get this to work on my Android phone (Android 8) and Chrome too.
    I changed the get line to an alert statement:

    <button onclick="Puck.eval('new Date().toString()',function(x) { alert(x); })">Get The Time</button>

    in order to get the received data displayed.
    The alert just presents me we a message "null"

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    I do realize this is an old topic, but I have what appears the same problem.

    I am using a RuuviTag as hardware and have setup a test website, which points to the Puck.js library. When I test the code from Post #17 I can send the command and I see in the IDE console the date is printed. However in my Chrome Console, I only receive an empty JSON error.

    <BLE> Unable to decode "", got SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

    followed by a "null"

    I have that problem with all WebBluetooth examples I can find. Any idea how to solve this?