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    Thank you so much for the very thorough explanation and the great tips. People such as you are those who make communities great :)

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    Ah I see, everything works now as it should. Thank you very much!

    Do you recommend I always use onInit when I want to save code?

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    Hi there, I am playing around with my DHT11 temperature sensor and my websocket server, I am using the Wemos d1 mini.

    Here is my code:

    var dht = require("DHT11").connect(D4);
    var WebSocket = require("ws");
    var wifi = require("Wifi");
    var WIFI_OPTIONS = { password : "MY WIFI PASSWORD" };
    wifi.connect(WIFI_NAME, WIFI_OPTIONS, function(err) {
      if (err) {
        console.log("Connection error: "+err);
      var host = "MY IP";
      var ws = new WebSocket(host,
          path: '/',
          port: 80, // default is 80
          protocol : "echo-protocol", // websocket protocol name (default is none)
          protocolVersion: 13, // websocket protocol version, default is 13
          origin: 'Espruino',
          keepAlive: 600,
    (default is none)
      ws.on('open', function() {
        console.log("Connected to server");
          dht.read(function (a) {

    Note: I have obviously hidden my wifi ssid, password and my IP in the code, just in case :)

    If I upload this to the Wemos it will work as it should, my websocket server is receiving the messages and will display the temperature and the humidity every 10 second the message is sent.

    But then once i save() this code onto the Wemos and reboot it, it starts showing this message every 10 second:

    Uncaught Error: This socket is closed.
     at line 2 col 26
    in function "send" called from line 1 col 69
    in function "c" called from line 2 col 173
    in function called from system

    What causes this problem? Seems like it has to do with the wifi module?
    I have tried restarting the server and also the Wemos but the problem persists.


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    Problem found! Seems like one of the soldering's on the driver board was bad :) thanks for all the help once again!

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    Got time to test it today and indeed the column of LED's did not light up... So it seems like there is a problem with my LED matrix or the MAX7219 driver board. Also I wanna say thanks for all the help guys! Really appreciate it!

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    Haven't been able to test it yet but I was thinking, since it works with an Wemos d1 mini running Arduino code, shouldn't that indicate it's something to do with the software?

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    Removing the intensity didn't help and it works just the same with ground connected or disconnected.
    Can I somehow check if the ground on the LED matrix is broke? I think I remember that all columns used to work