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    Hello all,

    This may sound like a silly question, but... is the Espruino Pico at all compatible with the Arduino IDE? I've looked and haven't seen anyone online using the hardware with the IDE, but since it's based on the Cortex M4 and the Teensy has software and compilers available for the IDE, I was wondering.

    I'm looking to use a couple of the Picos for a project I'm working on (a small 12 servo robot) and have everything I need except microcontrollers, and this would be perfect - largely due to the size and the availability of multiple serial ports.

    The major reason I ask is that every other microcontroller I've used for other robots use the IDE and a ton of libraries I have are Arduino specific. Given the time I have to work on this project I'd rather not port over to Javascript, and would much rather use the Arduino IDE.