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    P.S. Have noticed on my midi monitor that:

    a channel value of "0" in the .send command uploaded to the puck, comes out as a MIDI channel of "1" when put into practice

    I then tested a channel value of "1" and it comes out as "2" in the MIDI message.

    Not necessarily something that needs "fixing", but a minor detail, useful to know if people are doing channel-specific work with it...

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    It works a charm, Gordon. NoteOn and NoteOff!

    With a bit of velocity randomisation in Ableton (which I imagine could be done on the Puck itself too, if one were inclined and more knowledgeable than I) you can get a reasonably musical performance with note randomisation on a given scale, different note lengths (thanks to noteOn and noteOff on rising and falling states of the BTN), and velocity changes.

    Thanks all for helping with this. It's been inspiring to receive your help and wisdom! I'm very grateful.

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    Yes, thanks so much:

    The Bx0 to 9x0 substitution seems to be the crucial change.

    (I couldn’t delve into the module, because the project-select-directory button in the IDE didn’t work for me (Mac?) but in Gordon’s non-module version it works a charm. Thank you!)

    I might tinker and see if I can get a NoteOff either from 0x80 or from a NoteOn with velocity of 0, and report back...


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    Thanks so much for the suggestion! Really appreciate the help - for a total newbie to all of this.

    So I tried “0x9” as a channel data, and it comes out of my midi monitor as channel 10, but still a control message, rather than a note message.

    I read somewhere that any midi message has a ‘header’ which says whether it’s a control message or a note message. But I wonder if this isn’t represented in the ble_midi module yet?

    Wider context: Trying to use it as a trigger for Ableton, but I can’t map a static control change to anything in ableton (I think it needs a note, or a moving controller)...

    I mean, it might just be easier to use a keymap and then tell the Puck to be a HID keystroke, but I was really hoping it could send midi notes!

    Thanks again for the help

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    Composer/Sound Designer/Musician here. First ever foray into this slightly daunting yet inspiring world of code and hardware!

    The ble_midi module is great and working as described - but is there any way for it to send a NoteOn or NoteOff message instead of a CC (controller) message?

    It’s looks like a no from the research I’ve done - but I know nothing about javascript, webmidi, etc. so I could be mistaken!