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    Thanks Gordon! I'll bookmark this for the weekend, give it a shot and let you know how it goes.

    Do you think future versions of the EspruinoWifi will or could ship with an updated version of AT? I'm just curious. I wanted to write a little tutorial about setting up a hidden wifi network using the EspruinoWifi before I realized this feature wasn't baked into the firmware. I don't mind going through the update process because it's interesting and not something I've done with the Espruino yet, but am realizing it would be a lot of extra steps in my tutorial :)

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    Thanks MaBe! Got it working and, alas, mine is running the same the same version (0.4.0).

    I imagine getting an updated version of AT into the Espruino firmware is a process, but would you be able to point me in the right direction if I wanted to explore making that kind of contribution to the project?

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    Thanks! I've looked into it a little and found this entry on the Espressif forums that seems promising:


    I have a hunch of where to make changers to ESP8266WiFi.js. However, the solution to this person in the Espressif forum's problem was to update the AT firmware.

    Is there a way to find out what AT version is running on the EspruinoWifi? And is it possible to upgrade it if needed?

    I'm a little new to dabbling with my Espruino in this way, so please bear with me if my questioning is a little off :)

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    Hi everybody,

    Based on the documentation and what I can see in the GitHub repository it looks like I should be able to create a hidden wireless network, but in practice it never seems to work? I'm using the EspruinoWiFi with firmware version 2.0.

    According the documentation here it looks like I should be able to pass hidden: 1 as an option to create a hidden network. My code looks like this:

    const wifi = require("Wifi");
    wifi.startAP("My Secret Network", {
        "authMode": "open",
        "password": "12345678",
        "hidden": 1
    }, (err) => {

    It uploads fine and the network is created, but I'm able to see it from literally every device I own (iPhone, Android phone, tablets, macOS laptops, Windows...).

    Am I doing something wrong? Or do I have an incorrect assumption surrounding how this is supposed to work? I've tried replacing hidden: 1 with hidden: true and hidden: "1" but none of that seems to make a difference.