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    Thanks Gordon, that's interesting. I will check it out and report back. Regarding losing connection I suspect that happens when Espruino crashes and gets stuck in a mode that makes it impossible to connect. I noticed that when that happens it then advertises itself as "N08R7" at the add bluetooth devices instead of its Puck id. Removing the battery solves the advertising issue but then it continues to refuse to connect.

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    Ordered. Looks great! Thanks for all your amazing contributions to the field Gordon.

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    Also, this is the error I get from console when connection breaks for a sensor:
    Set Slow Write = true
    ERROR: Unable to open device (connectionInfo=undefined)
    ERROR: [notify_error] Connection Failed.

    Connection Failed.
    ERROR: [notify_error] Connection Failed.
    Connection Failed.

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    Thanks Gordon, I am trying to replicate the problem and define any patterns. It may also be related to pairing with windows then Android and back to windows. Interesting you mention the NRF services. It seems that we are having some issues there as well that may be linked somehow. On previous firmware (1.92) we are able to call service 0x0003 for RX UART communication via BLE in order to send data out but on (1.93) that throws an error. "Uncaught Error: Unable to find service with UUID 0x0003"

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    Its been fun playing with puck but I ve noticed some weird behavior on Windows 10. The puck initially connects fine with the WEB IDE standalone but after a while it refuses to re-connect giving an error, "connection failure". Unpairing and pairing the puck again seems to always fix the problem and that is the only fix I ve found so far but is there a reason why this is happening or a way to prevent it? Anyone having these issues? Any advice?
    Many thanks!

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    Oh, thank you very much, Gordon, for clarifying and shorting this mystery out. I was under the impression that the WEB IDE needed to run inside chrome as a tab or something. To run the Espruino I was just typing in my windows search and clicking the first that came out...silly me. All works great now! Many thanks!

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    FYI I have also updated the firmware to the latest version using the Android app nRF Connect

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    Hello Gordon, many thanks for the prompt response. Yes, I can confirm that I am running the standalone application from the same link you posted. I have also noticed now that the Chrome app only works at Chrome books and Android. I also confirmed that I have first paired my device with Windows 10 bluetooth prior trying connecting to it with the standalone app. Here is what 'Console' log reports:

    The last 100 lines of log messages made by the Web IDE. This is only useful when trying to debug potential problems with the IDE or Espruino board itself.
    We have chrome.serial - not using 'serialport' module
    serial_audio: Audio Sample rate : 48000
    serial_audio: Audio Serial Baud 9600 Bit time 5
    No navigator.bluetooth - Web Bluetooth not enabled
    GET chrome.storage.sync = undefined
    Initialising SettingsConsole
    Initialising Utils
    Initialising Config
    Initialising Notifications
    Initialising Status
    Initialising App
    Initialising File
    Initialising Code
    Initialising Serial
      - Initialising Serial Chrome Serial
      - Initialising Serial Chrome Socket
      - Initialising Serial Audio
    Initialising Terminal
    Initialising CodeWriter
    Initialising Modules
    Initialising Env
    Initialising Flasher
    Initialising EditorBlockly
    Initialising EditorJavaScript
    Initialising Send
    Initialising MenuPortSelector
    Initialising MenuSettings
    Initialising MenuFlasher
    Initialising SettingsAbout
    Initialising SettingsFlasher
    Initialising BoardJSON
    Initialising VersionChecker
    Initialising Compiler
    Initialising Assembler
    Initialising GetGitHub
    Initialising NPMModules
    Initialising SetTime
    Initialising Unicode
    Initialising Minify
    Initialising SaveOnSend
    Initialising Tutorial
    Initialising Webcam
    Initialising FontSize
    Initialising UiMode
    Initialising URLHandler
    Initialising CodeLink
    Initialising Project
    Initialising Testing
    Initialising Notification_Sound
    Initialising Tern
    Initialising Debugger
    Initialising Tour
    Initialising SettingsProfile
    Initialising HelpLinks
    Initialising Offline
    No code in storage.
    GET chrome.storage.local.OFFLINE_DATA = 0 bytes

    Please let me know if you need any more information. Looking fw resolving this issue. Kind regards!