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    Here's a little Neopixel effects library that has some basic effects that you can string together to make more complex lighting patterns. I needed to add some lighting effects to my daughters Halloween costume so I created this for myself. I hope someone else finds it useful as well. If you have an idea for other effects, just let me know.


    List of the current effects.

    • on
    • off
    • blink
    • fade
    • pulse
    • heartbeat


    var pixelfx=require('https://github.com/jsro­cket/espruino/blob/master/pixelfx/pixelf­x.min.js').init(B15, 16);
    }, function(r){
          }, function(r){ console.log(r); pixelfx.off(); });
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    Hey I just wanted to follow up on my thread here. I created a little servo module that allows me to easily adjust the min and max pulses based on the servo I'm using. This way I get the full 0 - 180 degree sweep. It also has a couple features that I wanted like the ability to actively hold a position as well as the ability to stop the servo mid motion.


    Hope it helps someone else. :)

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    Yes, that is exactly what I did. Thanks again!

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    Hey Gordon, Yes it is, thank you! It resolved itself the following day. It must have been something our our ISP.

    As for the Offline Mode, I saw that and as soon as I re-connected I turned that on. Nice feature. Thank you. :)

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    Oh awesome! Thanks for the tip. Hoping it resolved tomorrow, but if not a trip to the coffee shop may be in order. My copy of "Making Things Smart" by Gordon just came in and I have some things I want to try. :) Again thanks for the tip!

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    Huh. Unfortunately I still can't access the site or the links you sent and the Web IDE is still hanging. I tried on several computers here and even restarted my modem and router and still nothing. However when I tried over my cell network (not wifi) the site loads. So sounds like it may be something with the ISP or network on my end. Thanks for the reply allObjects.

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    I was just using the Web IDE earlier today and everything was fine. However now my Web IDE is not properly connecting & sending code to the board and I can no longer reach espruino.com. I was just wondering if anyone else was having a similar issue?

    Also I'm sorry if this is the wrong board for this post. I was not sure where to place it and "news" seemed the closest. If it's in the wrong spot I will move or delete it.

    Thank you!