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    I needed the ability to monitor, update and execute code remotely on my Espruino Wifi so I built a little module to help with that. It gives you the ability to do the following from your web browser without being physically near your device.


    • Get & set variables on your Espruino
    • Execute functions on your Espruino, passing in parameters and getting return values
    • Execute new code or overwriting existing code on your Espruino
    • Listen for events on your Espruino
    • Setup watchers to monitor variables & functions on your Espruino
    • Monitor the connection status of your Espruino
    • Rebooting your Espruino

    The repo and readme's are at:

    Don't worry about having to setup a websocket server either, I have a public one running for fellow Espruino users who want to play around. :)

    If you need any of that functionality I hope it helps you out.

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    Cool, makes sense. That's what I figured but was not sure if I was missing something.
    Also, thanks for the info on Nordic Thingy. I never heard of that one and it looks neat but for me, I'm going to go with the Puck + external accelerometer.

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    I already have a couple Espruino wifi boards but am looking to get a Puck due to it's small form factor to use to track a persons movement. Something like a fitness tracker. Would using the magnetometer in the fashion described above allow you to track things like arm motions0 and get values that could be used like an accelerometers x,y,z values?

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    Here's a little Neopixel effects library that has some basic effects that you can string together to make more complex lighting patterns. I needed to add some lighting effects to my daughters Halloween costume so I created this for myself. I hope someone else finds it useful as well. If you have an idea for other effects, just let me know.


    List of the current effects.

    • on
    • off
    • blink
    • fade
    • pulse
    • heartbeat


    var pixelfx=require('https://github.com/jsro­cket/espruino/blob/master/pixelfx/pixelf­x.min.js').init(B15, 16);
    }, function(r){
          }, function(r){ console.log(r); pixelfx.off(); });
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    Hey I just wanted to follow up on my thread here. I created a little servo module that allows me to easily adjust the min and max pulses based on the servo I'm using. This way I get the full 0 - 180 degree sweep. It also has a couple features that I wanted like the ability to actively hold a position as well as the ability to stop the servo mid motion.


    Hope it helps someone else. :)

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    Yes, that is exactly what I did. Thanks again!