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Shipwreck Software makes the "Best Calculator, IOT Edition" for Windows and Windows Phone. Using the built-in BASIC interpreter, you can program a bunch of different popular Bluetooth devices including the espruino puck.js device!

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    My project (just completed) is to add support for the puck.js device into the BASIC interpreter of my "Best Calculator, IOT edition" app. The latest update was just published on the Windows app store.

    Hooking up the puck.js was pretty simple (which is good -- man, some devices are just a nightmare!). You jut send your program, 20 bytes at the time, to the TX Bluetooth characteristic and pull the resulting data back out from the RX characteristic.

    Here's some pretty simple BASIC code to turn on an LED...

    PRINT "Turn puck.js LED1 on"
    device = ↲
    IF (device.IsError)
        PRINT "No device was picked"
        puck = device.As (“Puck.js”)
        status = puck.Tx ("LED1.set();\n")
        REM The puck will reply to the command,
        REM but this program won't pick it up.
    END IF