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    Thanks for the fast reply Gordon.

    No problem, I will definetly check the https://www.espruino.com/ide/ with Web Bluetooth again. Unfortunately I won't be able to try it before the weekend.

    When I visit https://www.puck-js.com/go it states that Web Bluetooth is enabled. I wasn't really sure if pairing is necassary... So I definetly tried with and without pairing. But good to know it's not needed... Might check that again too.

    Another note: I managed to get the pucks working with EspruinoHub and NodeRed on the Raspberry Pi.
    But I may also send you some logs next weekend.

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    Hello everyone,

    I started messing around with my 2 pucks when they first arrived. Everything worked rather good these days, but I was on Windows 7 that time.

    Now I'm using the same hardware (with same built-in bluetooth adapter) with Ubuntu.
    I have updated bluez to 5.45 and enabled the flag in chrome. But when clicking the orange connect button, it just says No ports found.
    I can pair both pucks though.

    After these failures I tried to set up my RaspberryPi 3 as an espruino server. But I got a similar result there too. Installed bluez 5.45 and espruino-web-ide via NPM. But IDE says No ports found.
    When pairing the puckjs while espruino-server is running it logs: noble: unknown peripheral dd361c4c702e connected! But this didn't change the result.

    Maybe someone has an idea whats going wrong here. Tried rebooting all devices, resetted the pucks and flashed firmware 1v92 and 1v89 to the pucks.

    Thanks in advance