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    I'm having an issue communicating with NODEMCU unit after flashing Espruino firmware.

    I'm using the following python cmd to flash the firmware

    python esptool/esptool.py --port COM7 --baud 115200 write_flash --flash_freq 80m --flash_mode qio --flash_size 4MB 0x0000 "C:\Users\owner\Downloads\espruino_1v92\­espruino_1v92_esp8266_4mb\boot_v1.6.bin"­ 0x1000 C:\Users\owner\Downloads\espruino_1v92\e­spruino_1v92_esp8266_4mb\espruino_esp826­6_user1.bin
     0x3FC000 C:\Users\owner\Downloads\espruino_1v92\e­spruino_1v92_esp8266_4mb\esp_init_data_d­efault.bin 0x3FE000 C:\Users\owner\Downloads\espruino_1v92\e­spruino_1v92_esp8266_4mb\blank.bin

    Everything seems to complete when flashing and the Espruino Web IDE is able to connect with the unit after flashing but I am not able to type in the left pane of the IDE and any "require" call such as

    var wifi = require("Wifi");

    errors with "Module Wifi not found".

    I am able to upload sketches using Arduino 1.8.1 IDE and the code works fine and the Wifi connects, so I know the NodeMCU unit is not broken(at least not completely).

    Any thoughts as to what the issue may be?

    --UPDATE 5/24/2017--
    I was able to use NODEMCU-Flasher with the same files listed above and got it working.

    Also, I then compared the settings of the NODEMCU-Flasher with the settings I was sending to the python esptool and noticed some differences so I,

    1. Updated the memory locations to match the ones used by NODEMCU-Flasher(OxOOOOO etc...)
    2. Changed the flash mode to dio(from qio)
    3. Changed the flash frequency to 40(from 80)

    After those changes I was able to run the esptool using python via command line and all is well! The revised cmd is,

    python esptool/esptool.py --port COM7 --baud 115200 write_flash --flash_freq 40m --flash_mode dio --flash_size 4MB 0x00000 "C:\Users\owner\Downloads\espruino_1v91\­espruino_1v91_esp8266\boot_v1.6.bin" 0x01000 C:\Users\owner\Downloads\espruino_1v91\e­spruino_1v91_esp8266\espruino_esp8266_us­er1.bin 0x3FC000 C:\Users\owner\Downloads\espruino_1v91\e­spruino_1v91_esp8266\esp_init_data_defau­lt.bin 0x3FE000 C:\Users\owner\Downloads\espruino_1v91\e­spruino_1v91_esp8266\blank.bin