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I have a lot of interesting in reserching and developing Individually addressable smd led, just like SK6812, WS2812. xt9822, I usually use this smd led to make DIY product, like use to decorate shoe, decorate balance car, or use to make a big led screen, welcome to anyone to chat with me, I have a lot of idea want to share with anyone, and also if you have any idea, you also can chat with me. I'm billy, a man who always in road.

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    hello, I notice you have use ws2812 led strip, as I can use , I know ws2812 is a individually addressable smd led, it have a lot of application, just like use in DIY led product, but about how to use its control agreement, here I also have so many problem in that, so I want to ask, how to control it iC, do you have any idea?