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    Great. Thank you for answering my questions. Know i can find everything i need :)

    After i realise that the pico with an esp connected is not suitable for my idea, i bought a Wemos D1 mini pro with an mini sd shield. I like espruino so i flashed the firmware (esp8266_4MB) to it. Wemos D1 mini pro seems to have a flash of 16MB.
    So the left 12MB are unused?

    After some reading in github i saw (but i didn't understand the reason), that i can't use the sd shield with espruino.
    Until now i didnt test it, but it seems to be possibile with nodemcu.

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    I have some questions about the included implementations of different firmwares.

    1. I'm looking for the implementations like "Graphics.createArrayBuffer". Where i can find them?
    2. I also recognize, that the firmwares (for pico and esp8266) aren't the same. Where i can find the differents? For example the esp8266 firmware dont know the "Graphics" module. I would like to add this so esp8266.

    Can someone send me the right place to look for?