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    Thanks Gordon. I wasn't able to get headless working on the original install. Everything appeared to be ok but it never detected devices. Worked fine with start.sh. I assume I'm missing a permission or something somewhere. Will try again, particularly for the auto-restart!

    Interesting re malformed data. There are quite a few BLE devices in the room, several of which, like the Milestone Pod, sleep until they are moved. So it may be one of them.

    I'll sort out step one and report back.

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    This may be a tough one to get to the bottom of since it might only happen once a week (sometimes more sometimes less).

    I have a Puck that I use as a Bluetooth "button". Pressing the button causes it to advertise "on" or "off". Then I have a simple NodeRed setup that reacts to the change and turns on/off a light.

    However at random intervals on the Node Red RaspberryPi, Noble crashes and takes down EspruinoHub. I've tried updating to latest EspruinoHub master a few times but that hasn't helped. Console output below.

    I know it's probably more a bug for the Noble author but I wondered if anything obvious jumped out or if there was more debug output I could generate?

    30:e1:37:00:43:1d - ? (RSSI -65)
    48:d6:d5:58:3b:db - Office TV (RSSI -64)
      fe9f => {"type":"Buffer","data":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0­,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]}
      fea0 => {"type":"Buffer","data":[3,250,143,202,1­50,110,139,98,32,32,32,15,255]}
    98:7b:f3:96:06:28 - YUNMAI-SIGNAL-H1US (RSSI -82)
    c0:28:8d:37:ae:15 -  (RSSI -82)
    c5:2e:b9:d5:27:a3 - Im On A Call Switch (RSSI -73)
      ffff => {"level":0}
        throw new RangeError('Index out of range');
    RangeError: Index out of range
        at checkOffset (buffer.js:977:11)
        at Buffer.readUInt16LE (buffer.js:1023:5)
        at Gap.onHciLeAdvertisingReport (/home/pi/EspruinoHub/node_modules/noble­/lib/hci-socket/gap.js:149:31)
        at emitMany (events.js:147:13)
        at Hci.emit (events.js:224:7)
        at Hci.processLeAdvertisingReport (/home/pi/EspruinoHub/node_modules/noble­/lib/hci-socket/hci.js:651:10)
        at Hci.processLeMetaEvent (/home/pi/EspruinoHub/node_modules/noble­/lib/hci-socket/hci.js:608:10)
        at Hci.onSocketData (/home/pi/EspruinoHub/node_modules/noble­/lib/hci-socket/hci.js:479:12)
        at emitOne (events.js:116:13)
        at BluetoothHciSocket.emit (events.js:211:7)
    pi@raspberrypi:~/EspruinoHub $ ./start.sh 
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    Sorry, wrong forum. Can't see how to delete/move tho.

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    Thanks Gordon. Hadn't realised that about Eddystone.

    I suspect the issues were a mix of user error and the start.sh script not updating the names displayed. When it refreshes, it spots new devices ok, but doesn't seem to switch from "?" to actual name (e.g. when I tried NRF.SetAdvertising to try and force a name whilst trying to figure out what was going wrong).

    Still not sure why the Pi and Windows with Bluetooth polyfill were showing hex ids instead of names.

    So maybe a bunch of red herrings.

    It's fantastic to have this now. All my Windows issues are a thing of the past!

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    Not 100% sure I've got a consistent answer but relatively new 1v95 on both nRF device and badge causes the Hub to see them with proper names. Everything seems to be working now. Could be all user error so thanks for your patience Gordon!

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    I tried an old 1v95 on the generic nRF device. It still appears as "?". When I try NRF.setAdvertising({},{name:"Puck 2"}) it stays as "?" on EspruinoHub but switches to the new name in the IDE on OSX.

    I've also tried some of the very new 1v95 nrf52832 builds but they refuse to connect at all (unrelated to this thread, I just noticed it last weekend).

    I'll try updating the badge now to see how that fares with latest 1v95.