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    @PiOfThings 24mm won't work. It's actually quite a narrow gap once you remove the stock strap. My adapter gives you more space to work with.

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    You do have to be careful as they are very stiff initially, and if your implement slips, you may damage the rubber. But it's just a metal bar held in by friction, not a proper watch spring bar.

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    The Colab is the best place to start. For background you can read the blogpost by Andreas Madsen who built the TF models etc.

    I am also doing a write up on how I added a simple new gesture to my watch and then wired it into a different Bluetooth HID app. Spoiler video here


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    Unfortunately I got distracted with building Espruino on Particle Xenon and never got back to looking at ANT+, sorry :-(

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    This is on my left wrist and rotating it. From face down to face up, quickly, I get a buzz. But any other angle rarely causes a buzz, no matter how fast/suddenly I rotate.

    Would an analysis of Z help? Is it + or - 9.8 when facing up? Z graph seems very stable when facing up or facing down. So going from Z not near 9.8 to Z approx 9.8?

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    Seems even less responsive than the first one. Only buzzing on 1 in 4/5 attempts. Same 90 degree issue. No amount of snapping over 90 degrees causes it to buzz. Has to be ~180 degree turn.

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    It needs a fairly snappy rotation to get it to buzz on mine. Any sort of slower rotation doesn't work. And once it's face-up, you can't do a 90 degree flick-down/flick-up to get it to buzz, you have to do a full 180 again.

    Would TensorFlow be an insane over-engineering in this case? :-D

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    App Store uploads remain unreliable

    I did add CRC in the latest builds just in case - but could you check
    the dev console and see if anything is reported? Maybe make another
    post if there's anything. It's always been solid for me.

    Awesome re CRC. I'm doing a few watches this week and will check. Several of us having the problem here. Usually when installing a bunch of apps in quick succession.

    The lack of proper build numbers (because travis doesn't pull in the
    full Git history for some reason) screws this up a bit. Right now I'm
    still treating these as beta and trying to make sure I get things in a
    good state for release more than I care about making people update
    everything - realistically you'll only have to wait a few more weeks
    and it'll stabilise though.

    Yeah figured it would make more sense when everything stabilised.

    Also, there's now an Install default apps button in the app loader,
    which should help you out significantly with new watches.

    Ooh I'll tell our intern! They'll be very happy to hear that.


    Just filed an issue for this:

    I haven't been using it on mine so far so hadn't come across it as a
    problem. If you can find a way to actually force a crash then it'd
    make life a lot easier debugging.

    For everyone it just randomly crashes the watch when HID enabled but doing nothing, and not connected, just walking around. They only know it has rebooted because clock has reset to 1970. So will be hard to replicate. Unless it's on a timer of some sort.

    Thanks again.

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    Few things for me are:

    1. App Store uploads remain unreliable. Particularly the Settings app for some reason. I think it the uploads should be checksummed in some way and rejected if the checksum fails.

    2. I think there needs to be some sort of version compatibility check between the Apps and the Firmware. We've had a lot of issues with app changes (e.g. the appearance of Launcher) causing issues with older Firmwares. At this point we flash the firmware and the apps on exactly the same day just to be sure.

    3. You have to delete and re-install an App in the appstore to reliably update it. That should be a one-step process.

    4. We've had the same unreliable Bluetooth issue as reported above. We have to reset the watch multiple times a day if doing any sort of dev on it, as it just becomes invisible to the IDE. Far more than any previous Espruino device.

    5. HID remains very unstable. Watch will crash at least once an hour with it enabled.

    6. Grabbing the latest time off GPS on reboot is far preferable to leaving it on Jan 1 1970. As long as the GPS time isn't set to the year 2250 then it's likely to be reasonably correct. This should address the lack of an RTC for most people.

    7. Power-off still seems to drain the battery. We've had multiple internal people get dead watches in the post after they were sent fully-charged and powered off.

      1. Agree with all of your items in the top post :-D

    Still love it!