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    @Gordon cheers! I've put together a bit of a test page here https://benjaminbenben.com/espruino-pixe­ls/ it's got a couple of examples from the docs, and the flood one I was using for my web-bluetooth lights. Hopefully it'll be useful for other people (would love to see a few more examples if anyone can contribute.)

    If it's more useful to have it in a jsbin - I could do that too.

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    @Gordon WOAH. That's such awesome news - thanks so much for fixing that.

    I'm heading out today, though I'm looking forward to giving it a try (I can stop telling people that the first light is intentional to show me that it's powered on!)

    I'm not sure if I said, but I built a E.neopixel stub that lets you try out animations in a browser https://github.com/benfoxall/ador-puck-d­emo/blob/master/stub.html - I found it pretty useful for working out animations. It's a bit wrapped up in the mqtt stuff I was working on, but I could probably pull it out if useful.

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    @Gordon - oh, I may well have written that to the wrong one. Just went through it again and I'm upgraded to 1v92 fine. Thanks so much for your help!

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    Thanks @Gordon, Okay, I've re-flashed it with 1v91 (1v91.467 from the firmware list, rather than the beta one). And ran that erasePage script on the left:

    >var f = require("Flash");
    =function () { [native code] }
    >for (var i=119;i>=115;i--) {
    :  print(i);
    :  f.erasePage(i*4096);

    Though the LEDs are flashing the same as before when I update to 1v92.

    Ah, yes - this is the one that I had the beta firmware on.

    One thing - I've been screwing around with the NRF.(set/update)Services quite a lot, so I don't know if that got me in a weird state. (I couldn't get custom services to work - and I was hoping that the firmware update might reset things.)

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    I tried to install the 1v92 firmware on my puck, it seems like it uploads okay, but then all three leds start flashing together (which continues after a reset).


    I've tried it a few times, and tried a new battery - though still the same.

    Reinstalling 1v91 worked okay.