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    Windows 10 is the operating system, It is an external BLE dongle. I also tried it on my laptop , windows 10 and an internal bluetooth system.

    The tip on the hardware wiring helped, thank you ;-) now it is responding. I can at least play with it !!!

    I have been able to pair with the puck using my smartphone but when i opened the web ide and trie to connect the connection is there but when i try to connect, the connection failed ?

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    Last week I received the puck -JS. I am having problems with pairing with the device I ave a 4.0 low energy bluetooth dongle ( type Laird) . But the pairing is not working ? any idea's.
    I downloaded the espruino web ide.
    I also tried harware wiring, i got a connection but am not able to type in the left side of de espruino wed ide ? The cursor is blinking but not responding ? Any help is welcome.
    I am very impressed with the hardware of the puck-js. Just Like to get to work with it ASAP.