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    FlashStore has something to do with FlashEEPROM?

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    In this case I have compiled it and I'm running the Espruino interpreter (github.com/espruino/Espruino.git­) in my Ubuntu 16.04 Linux system.

    I'm needing to use it to test my code using the "fs" module, because the Espruino firmware for my cheap NodeMCU-12E hardware doesn't come with this module builtin (not sure why).

    • In the Readme.md for this Espruino GIT repository would be a good place to explain how to connect the Web IDE to it after you got it compiled and running. I may do a pull request with it if you agree.
    • But I learned how to get it compiled from [this doc], so not sure where is a better place.
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    Hi @Gordon

    I didn't know how to call the Espruino interpreter, but I saw in some GIT talking you guys refering to it as espruino_cmd to differentiate from espruino tools, so I shoot it. :)

    @Wilberforce already pointed me to how:

    Start the interpreter:

    espruino --telnet

    In the WebIDE:

    Connect over TCP Address
    [ your.ip:2323 ]

    Simple like that! But if it is there in the docs, I overlooked it.

    Thank you.

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    I got Espruino_cmd running on my Linux system.
    Now, how do I connect to it with WebIDE or at least how do I send projects (with modules) into it, the same way WebIDE does to a connected microcontroller?

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    I'm developing a WebServer for Espruino and would like to know if it's possible to set a Captive Portal.
    I tryed listen on port 53 with http and net modules, and of course it turns out nothing since DNS runs over UDP.

    There is any chance I can accomplish that in some other way?