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    Many thanks once again @Robin
    Your comment helped me to gain a huge insight and I think as you mentioned, and also as per the circuit diagram shared by @MaBe I should use a pull up resistor and Im sure it will definitely resolve the issue.

    Really appreciate for the assistance to resolve this case.

    Thanks @MaBe too for the diagram!


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    Thanks Robin.

    Actually the gpio pins have not connected to anything. I think RST pin should not connect to the 3.3v source directly. I just experimented and seemingly ok once it is floating.

    But is that the real issue?
    Is it fine to keep RST pin floating?

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    Dear All,
    I'm having an issue with esp-1 that the CPU becomes extremely hot when put inside an enclosed switch box. Has anyone encountered the same?

    Fyi, I have connected VCC, CH_PD, RST pins directly to the 3.3V source. Also there's 10uf capacitor connected parallel to VCC and GND.
    Does this wiring has anything to do with the increasing of heat?

    Kindly advise.