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    Hi, not sure whether its related. I was running espruino on my nodemcu for several months with no issues. Several days ago i tried to updated the code. And got this:

    I use mac, SiLabsUSBDriverDisk driver.
    Tried different cables, different devices, updated drivers.
    Sometimes after flashing I see this weird characters, sometimes nothing, Espruino text wont appear.
    Any Ideas what might be an issue please ?

  • in JavaScript
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    From espruino htttp reference:

    var options = {
        host: 'example.com', // host name
        port: 80,            // (optional) port, defaults to 80
        path: '/',           // path sent to server
        method: 'GET',       // HTTP command sent to server (must be uppercase 'GET', 'POST', etc)
        headers: { key : value, key : value } // (optional) HTTP headers
    require("http").request(options, function(res) {

    But where do I attach some JSON data (body/payload) to the POST request ?