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    Thanks for your help both of you! I see I need to study a bit more before I can understand the code you sent. But I have the interest to do so! I am really exited about the possibilities of the Puck.js!

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    I am a new fish on the pond and my question might be a stupid one but I thought to ask anyway:
    I am trying to learn how to use Puck in a simple way to trigger IoT events with IFTTT. I found the section talking about that but I did not get it quite. I do know that Puck itself does not have a means to form an internet connection itself, but is this preventing me triggering IFTTT events with maker channel or something like that? Surely it must be enough that Puck is connected with Web bluetooth and sending the appropriate message to server? Must be really easy, but somehow for a beginner like me a bit frustrating to find the way.

    Would appreciate some advice!

    Thanks! - Saarni