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    I've got a 3.3v power supply unit which I was using, but later also tried it just off the battery.

    I've no idea what was causing the dimness – that's since gone away. Bad wiring or dodgy configuration is entirely likely!

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    I don't know what 'bias' means in this context.

    I'm a developer, so confident of my code, but an electronics noob. Pretty sure it's working sensibly now, but either my breadboard has a bad connection with a wire, or I've soldered a wire badly. I wouldn't know how to share a schematic either, other than to take a picture of what I've got!

    Thanks for your help though. 👍🏼

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    And now it's not working at all again, and I've no idea why! 😭

    Edit: I think that failure was a dry joint or bad wire. Ugh!

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    Oh! Well, that's interesting.

    I've switched to using SPI1.write(0b01000000, PINS.LATCH) and that almost works perfectly, except when I turn two adjacent LEDs on, one of them is extremely dim. I suspect that's just bad wiring or low battery, since if I turn them on individually, they work fine.

    I can't believe it was such a simple mess up on my part. Thanks!

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    I've been trying to light a few LEDs using the above shift register without success. I'm having to translate from Arduino guides to Espruino/Puck.js, so undoubtedly I've got something wrong.

    I've tried using SPI1.setup() as well as let s = new SPI(); s.setup();, but neither work.

    The options I'm passing to setup are:

      let options = {
        sck: PINS.CLOCK,
        // miso: PINS.LATCH,
        mosi: PINS.DATA,
        order: 'lsb',
        mode: 0,

    And I've tried using s.write([0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0], PINS.LATCH) as well as manually setting the latch low/high around the write.

    Wiring is as follows (the comment is the pin number on the shift register itself):

    const PINS = {
      DATA: D28, // 14
      LATCH: D29, // 12
      CLOCK: D30, // 11

    And finally, I've supplied power and ground where required (I think!), at pin 1 for ground, and pins 10 (SRCLR) and 16 (VCC) are high.

    Absolutely any help at all will be massively appreciated. Thanks!

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    I was wondering, given that there's hardware PWM (I think?) on the Puck, does that use more power than simply running the LED at full bright, or does the reduced LED draw make up for whatever power requirements the PWM has?

    Slightly odd question, I know. :)

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    Updated my Pucks last night and removed the forceSoft option, working absolutely perfectly now, thanks so much.

    I've just read your email and know you won't see this under after Xmas, so hope you had a great holiday!

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