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    Thanks Ollie, I have just checked on my power supply and it all looks pretty good. I'm not sure why the baudrate is only sticking with 74880 rather than switching over to 115200 either.

    Maybe I have just got a dodgy batch off eBay as the first 2 on my 2 Picos are working perfectly.

    Cheers, Ryan

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    I'm using the ESP-01.

    I do have the cap and the power supply should be fine. I was originally running it off a Picos 3.3v because I didn't have anything else laying around but after having a few issues I decided to sort out something a bit stronger.
    I'll double check it all again to make sure I haven't got anything wrong with it.


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    Hi Guys,

    I've been using the ESP8266 with my Picos for a while now and decided to try move some of my simpler Pico setups onto the ESP8266 so I can use them for some other jobs. I have been reading the forums for the last week or so but don't seem to have come up with the answers...

    Firstly I cannot seem to ever see any wifi access points? It always returns an empty list. I flashed with the AT firmware to test that and managed to find about 10 nearby.
    Secondly I can only access the Espruino prompt at 74880 rather than 115200 which means I cannot use the WebIDE. Not sure whats going on here as I don't think I've seen anyone else have this problem either.

    Has anyone else encountered this? I'm using 1v87.tve_master_b3dc05b, I've tried 1v88 and 1v89 from the download page but they didn't boot correctly, can't quite remember why. Sometimes the console also becomes unresponsive and resets. Not sure what this might be either. I've spent the last 2 weeks trying by myself but thought it might be easier to just ask here!

    Thanks in advance!