Firmware Update

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  • I've just taken delivery of a pre-order Espruino. I think it has 1.43 firmware on it.
    I have Chrome 33. Win 8.1 Pro

    I can connect in web IDE. It says 'upgrade firmware'. I can see firmware URL
    in the upgrade page as soon as I go to it:Ā­o_1v53_espruino_1r3.bin

    I follow the instructions

    • Disconnect then connect - check URL appears. All fine.
    • Disconnect, then press BTN1 and then RST - I get nice blue glowing LED
    • But now... Windows beeps to say device disconnected, the list of serial ports
      is empty..
    • Connect says "invalid serial port"

    I can't get beyond this. It seems that as soon as I'm in firmware update mode, the
    serial port isn't there. Strangely, the port IS present in control panel / devices

    I have Win 8.1, and I've installed the CDC driver.

    Any ideas? I suspect my firmware is so old I must use another method?

  • Rebooting my PC fixed it...

  • The web IDE gets unhappy if you ever reboot or unplug the espruino while it's connected via USB - once in this state, you must exit the web IDE as well as all instances of google chrome and restart web IDE to make it work again. Could this have been the problem?

  • Great! Glad you got it sorted in the end...

  • DrAzzy - I guess it could be. I'll remember that. Thanks :)

    I've seen references to Chrome 34 fixing the 100% problem. I see Chrome 34 is in beta - does this fix this issue? I may have this problem too...

  • Actually Chrome 33 should fix it (and that's stable so if you had auto-updates turned on it should be on your computer now). I'm sitting with the IDE connected right now and it's using 0% CPU.

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Firmware Update

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