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  • I just had an idea and wanted to check if you guys think it makes sense:

    I use mylocation for my watchface, but it offers only some preset locations + GPS. I think I'd like to give users more influence on the preset values. We could let the user enter their own locations in the app loader, but I don't like the fact that they need to add them with each upload. So, I like the way the Waypointer app handles the custom waypoints. I am thinking it might make sese to borrow that code and add it to mylocation to let the user administer their own location presets. What do you think?

  • That sounds like a good plan to me! So an interface.html that can allow the user to easily choose a location once the app is installed?

  • exactly...

  • @Gordon, off topic, but another thing I was thinking about is to let the user configure all the App settings by an interface.html in the app loader as it is way easier to scroll and type on your phone. Is this something you might want to consider? While I think I will implement the mylocations configuration after my holidays, this config option to all apps would exceed my skills, yet :)

  • let the user configure all the App settings by an interface.html in the app loader

    There were a few discussions about this before, and I think that while it's definitely an improvement in quality of life, to do it you're probably going to end up duplicating all the settings code, which will make apps much harder to maintain. I bet there'll be more bugs, settings out of sync (some in the Bangle but not on the Desktop, some that don't work, and so on). It feels like the issues from that would probably outweigh the benefits.

    There's a possibility to maybe run the app on the phone but the overwrite E.showMenu so the menus appear on the PC, but again some apps try and do fancy things with E.showMenu which probably wouldn't work when relayed to the PC, and I think that having something that doesn't work reliably is worse than not having it at all in this case

  • What about making the web interface with a "detect location" permission/button, which could supply the current phone's location in the WebUI when rewuested? That would be way faster (and more battery-friendly) for those who don't want to wait for a GPS fix on their BangleJS.

  • That sounds like a good idea. So an interface.html file added to mylocation that also allows the user to get the current location of the web browser.

    If someone fancies working on a PR for it that'd be great!

  • I see there that Bangle.js Gadgetbridge is also able to acquire a location, would it be possible to make the latitude and longitude available for watchapps like MyLocation, so that it could keep the location updated from the phone periodically?

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mylocation: custom locations

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