BangleJS2 (new firmware) skin detection

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  • the green led on the back of the BangleJS2 only works when i put it on my wrist…
    i understand it comes with new firmware. But can i disable that feature?
    The problem is that when my app is running and i take off my watch, it turns LED off and after i put watch on it doesn't light up LED, so i need to close and open my app again...
    I tried Bangle.isHRMOn() to somehow get the state of LED but it turns out that this method only shows what was passed as an argument to Bangle.setHRMPower(...) (i.e. 1/true or 0/false).
    Or is there some method that would allow me to re-check if watch have been put on wrist and allow me to turn on LED lights?

  • If you have HRM set to always on then­ues/2141 could be your issue.

  • thx, but my problem is with skin detection feature. It turns off lights, but doesn't turn them back on when put on wrist again. The only thing i can think of right now is to restart my app if there is no data coming from watch (if there are no heart rate readings)

  • the issue pointed by @myownself is about that too

    lines starting with a 'greater than' denote quoted text return anything? That's the raw data from the sensor - it's possible it thought it wasn't against your skin, but for some reason hasn't been able to turn itself back on

  • Yes, it's something I hope to fix soon. Sorry about the inconvenience.

    For now you could use the HRM-raw event (mentioned in that issue) isWearing to detect if the Bangle is worn, and if not you could turn the HRM off and then back on every few seconds to check

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BangleJS2 (new firmware) skin detection

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