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  • A new clock with only black and white colors which should increase readability...
    You can find it here:­q=blackwhite

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  • Nice - really easy to read. Being so big means I don't even need to lift my arm, I can glance down and see it from by my side (just about).

    I don't love the "L" to indicate lock status (mostly because it took me embarrassingly long to understand what it meant).

    Of the watch faces I would actually use (rather than the ones I just use to show off), this is a close contender.

  • Nice, have you looked at Bangle.getHealthStatus? Using that you could just not load widgets at all.
    (Or not hide them, so users would have the choice of simply not installing widgets)

  • Thanks to both of you. I will work on both your suggestions - they are great - and let you know when I finished it :)

  • Thanks, a screen with the most important things clearly legible!

  • The changes are implemented and available in V0.02 (­q=blackwhite):

    • Use Bangle.getHealthStatus if none of the widgets is available
    • The "L" is removed - an icon is shown instead. This can also be disabled in the app settings. Enabled per default.
    • Fullscreen mode is now optional and disabled per default.
    • If the qalarm app is installed, a timer can directly be set (tab top / bottom). If this app is not installed, the timer functionality is not provided but everything else can still be used :)

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  • Nice. Have you considered an option to not display steps on the bottom and allow larger digits for the clock centered in the black space. I use the Lato widget to show steps.

  • Oh nice idea - I will definitely implement this next :D

  • @PeerDavid - love this clock, its one that is definitely going to stay on my JS2.
    Is it available on the main app store yet ?

    Another option would be to support the themes.
    At the moment the top and bottom area's are fixed as white background above black background.

    If you use and g.theme.fg when you set the colours, when switching to the other theme you would get black above white. Also if anyone has set a custom theme they might have white on red say.

  • Ahh thats really nice that you keep it on your Bangle :D

    Is it available on the main app store yet ?

    Not yet but probably soon :D -- I just updated the timers to use the new alarm lib. When the new alarm lib is merged into the master I can also open a PR.

    Another option would be to support the themes.

    -- I like the idea to use the theme fg / bg (although BlackWhite is then probably not the correct name^^). I implemented it and pushed it already (­q=blackwhite).

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  • And I also pushed the version to optionally hide the steps (shown per default) to get an even larger time -- Also,as I implemented an additional timer -- when the timer is active, the timer font will automatically decrease and the timer is shown :)

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  • I just spotted your change. Had a look at your code as well.
    I like the manrope font. I might try a small version of that around 20 pixels and see how it looks on my daisy clock.

  • Just updated to v0.04. And tried it out. Lovely clock, thanks for all your work on this.
    This is what it looks like, FullScreen=No, with Lock, Lato Pedometer and Battery (Themed) widget.

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  • Looks nice :D -- I also had another idea which I just implemented -- instead of enabling / disabling steps in the settings, it would be nice to circle through different data (e.g. batter, steps etc.) by simply touching the middle of the screen...

  • I do that kind of thing with Pastel and Daisy.

  • @PeerDavid - nice to see the Black and White clock all checked in and available on the main loader now. I love this clock - one of the nicest clocks done so far.

    One small comment - I notice that when you click left or right there is an annoying delay, ie the UI does not feel responsive. This seems to be because the settings are being witten out again each time.

    Could I suggest do the draw first, then the buzz, then write the settings. Maybe you could consider writing the settings using the on('kill') event instead. This would eliminate the apparent unresponsiveness.

    E.on('kill', function() { ... });
  • @Gordon - this clock has a custom ontouch handler to handle left right top bottom touches.

    I think there is a case for an updownleftright UI style.

    Bangle.setUI("updownleftright", btn=> {

    For clocks where the author wants to click, left, right, top and bottom corners.
    I think this would avoid each author making their own handlers for onTouch etc, which could clash with other apps (eg jestures etc).

  • @HughB Thanks for these great suggestions! So V0.06 includes performance improvements:

    • Settings are only written on kill
    • I split the draw into drawTime drawDate etc. -- so now if the user licks left etc. only the time is drawn which helped a lot in my opinion
    • I not changed the buzz -- in my opinion a delay of the buzz feels bad...

    --> Together with "compact storage" it feels okish now (at least for me) -- I wonder what you think :)

  • Upgraded to v0.06 and feels very good. Not just okish !

    I think is a pential issue with the heart rate. For example I know if I use Daisy to get the heart rate for 10 mins sitting still I can see my resting heart rate is 65 bpm. The watch shows 85 . I think this is beacuse you are using Bangle.getHealthStatus("day").bpm, when perhaps Bangle.getHealthStatus("last").bpm would be a better reflection of the last 10 minutes. Otherwise I suspect 'day' will just return your maximum heart rate for the day so far.

  • The other thing I thought about was handling dependancies on other apps like weather, sched etc. In my experience you get less support issues if you handle the dependancies yourself and make sure the apps are already loaded. You can do this through the metadata.json file.

    Have a look at:­lob/master/apps/pastel/metadata.json

  • Thanks again :) I was not aware of the "last" setting so thanks a lot! I already changed it and also refactored the code a bit (adding information should be easier now).

    Regarding dependencies - I prefer to keep it optional i.e. I don't want that 2 other apps (weather + sched) are installed whenever the BW Clock is installed. I think it should be the decision of the user whether to use those features in combination with our BW clock or not - its totally fine to use "only" the clock in my opinion. For this reason, I decided to not add this to the metadata.json file..

  • Thanks @PeerDavid, upgraded, heart rate working nicely now.

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New clock - Black and white

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