Regulating time of Bangle.js 2

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  • Thanks. I'm experimenting with 35 ms every 10 minutes first. Or is that beyond the watch's ability to perform? Again, I'm only chasing after decent accuracy, nothing extreme.

  • Reply function not always working…reply is above.

  • That may be too small adjustment. setTime has 1 second accuracy and with the delay-trick I'm using it's much better, but still I think adjustment should be well over 100 ms.

    Otherwise the error from setting time can be larger than the adjustment and it would actually make clock accuracy worse than without any adjustment.

  • I get it. I'll try 210 ms every hour.

  • May there also be a good way to do this without setTime? One that would allow a smaller decrement. There's presumably a way to getMilliseconds.

  • There is no other way currently - you can get time at millisecond accuracy but can't set time that accurately.

    @Gordon Would it be possible to add setTime with better accuracy than one second?

    EDIT: That's not actually needed, current setTime can reach better than 10 ms accuracy when used with delay and some checks.

  • Actually I just got an idea to make delay+setTime corrections more accurate. Main problem with delay+setTime is that delays aren't accurate, but what if I check current time again after the delay to see how long the delay actually was? I'll need to test this a bit before sharing any code.

    ps .While more accurate setTime would be nice, I'm not sure if that is actually needed.

  • Interesting! My first experiment with 210 ms/hr ended after 16 hours. The watch gained ⅓ to ½ a second, so about 600 ms/24 hrs. I don't know how linear that was. Success, regardless. While awaiting your further developments, I'll try a slightly high number, going towards your 0.68 figure. Then I may try halving it for every 30 minutes, although of course that gets close to 100 ms.

  • @Serj
    Your help now takes on more importance. In view of malaire's solutions to regulate timing in a clock app, if restarting the watch becomes necessary only once every few days or longer, then doing it via the phone's connection seems to make the most sense.

  • @Numerist
    I'm glad if it helped :)

  • I started new thread for my widget: new widget: Adjust Clock (BETA)

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Regulating time of Bangle.js 2

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