App permalink?

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  • When I want to refer to a bangle.js app (e.g. in a post), the best solution I know of is to add a search term to the hash like this.
    The problem is that this shows a popup where the user (who's not necessarily bangle.js-savvy) has to pick between bangle.js 1 and bangle.js 2. It gets worse if the app is only available on one of the models: in the example above, if you choose bangle.js 1 you won't see anything, since the app is bangle.js 2 only (at least at the moment).
    Is there a way to get to an app's entry on the app loader without this hindrance?

  • That's a good point - right now, there isn't. But it's something I'd like to fix.

    The #stuff link does a search for stuff, and potentially there can be a conflict between an app's ID and another app that appears when you search for that term. The run app is a good example.

    Ideally we'd have or something like that - and I guess it could be smart enough to switch to showing all apps if for instance it was a Bangle.js 1 app only and you were showing only Bangle.js 2 apps

  • Thanks. A ?id= permalink feature could be helpful.

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App permalink?

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