Bangle.js-2 (call) notifications.

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  • Hello guys.
    I've got two questions regarding notifications.
    First some info:

    • banglejs2 updated to latest firmware 2.v11
    • Apps related to issue (Messages, Android Integration), but also all other apps are updated to latest version
    • Gadgetbridge installed on Android phone.

    My questions:

    1. First day of use I would get quite most of my notifications on bangle. Emails, telegram msgs etc would beep on the phone, and on the bangle. Now I realize that not all notifications are pushed to my bangle. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any idea what I could do?

    2. I never received notification for incoming calls on phone. Is this normal behavior? Is it not supported? Or is there a way to enable it?


  • What notifications aren't pushed? Do you have an example?

    Call notifications not displaying is a known Gadgetbridge issue:­ssues/976

  • Hi @johan_m_o. It is any kind of notifications that randomly work or don't work. Like new email, messages of instant messengers etc.

    Concerning the incoming call notification since it is a gadgetbridge issue all we can do is wait for an update? Any workarounds?

  • There's been an issue with notifications stopping after the bluetooth connection gets interrupted (by walking too far from the phone, etc) and then resumed. I've seen that myself a few times, but not on recent versions of the Bangle firmware, apps and the Gadgetbridge Android app. There's another Github issue that describes this here:­ues/2113

    Regarding calls, since @Gordon doesn't see this issue on his self-built Gadgetbridge app you could probably build it yourself to work around this. It only seem to affect release builds (which is a little weird, but will probably be figured out eventually).

  • It only seem to affect release builds

    Is that based on what I said, or did you notice it yourself? Because I hadn't thought about it that way but it is a possibility. I'll try doing some release builds here and will see if I can reproduce it next week.

  • That was entirely based on your statement. I have not had an opportunity to dig further into it myself.

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Bangle.js-2 (call) notifications.

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