no app customization for the emulator?

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  • While playing around with AC-AC, I noticed that there is no possibility to customize an app for the emulator? You may send a customized version of an app to a real device, but the emulator always receives its "default" version.

    Wouldn't that be a nice extension?

  • Yeah, the app loader doesn't connect to the emulator: it opens the IDE and tells it to load the app.js code.
    So it only works for apps that simply run a single file without needing any other files, otherwise it's better to disable allow_emulator.

    You can get more complex apps to work by manually uploading all parts to the emulator, which can be worth the effort for testing/screenshotting.

    (And yes, having the App Loader open the emulator directly would be nice.)

  • This has been mentioned some other places, but right now as @rigrig says the App Loader just loads the single app.js file into the IDE - which is limited, but does make it easy for people to play with the code.

    It would be possible to load the Emulator directly from the App Loader, and then you get a console connection to it, and can basically send commands as you would to a real Bangle - having multiple apps/widgets and managing which are installed. It'd be a lot more like a real device but not as easy to jump right into the code of apps, and also more complex (if you click 'try in emulator' should it erase the emulator back to factory defaults and install the app, or should it just load in every app you request? what if flash gets full?)

    Wouldn't that be a nice extension?

    PRs welcome :)

  • For the time being, I simply disabled "try in emulator" for my app - the screenshots I added to the customizer should be sufficient for the moment

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no app customization for the emulator?

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