all buzzes not stopping

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  • I upgraded to 2v11.9 and now all buzzes are not stopping. Previously it was at random times. Anyone a similar experience?
    If so, please attach a short info to­ues/2119

  • I reported #1249 against v2.11.7 on Saturday 8th jan, but Gordon say he has fixed it today.
    I have not tried the latest firmware yet.­ssues/1249

    I will have to check what the latest firmware version is, if its 2.11.9 then its not fixed.
    Are you on Bangle 1 or Bangle 2 ?

  • Anyone else having issues? As noted on that link above I'm finding it's working well for me now

    I believe 2.11.9 should have had the fix in

  • Not had this issue myself, been on 2v11 since starting to use bangle 2.

  • I dont think the issue was on 2v11 (ie 2v11.0 but on 2v11.7). If you installed v211.7 you might experience it.

  • @Gordon - have flashed v2.11.21 and can no longer reproduce #1249.

  • That's great - thanks for the update!

  • It's really odd. Yesterday I had all buzzes infinite until I disabled them, today everything is working properly.
    I'll try the latest version.

  • Until now it works, but the buzz problems in the past had happend very randomly.

  • Not sure I understand... So it's working reliably now? I know it was pretty random before

  • It works up to now for >24h. Edit: >48h.
    But according buzz problems you'll never know what happens this evening :-)

  • The main issue (unstoppable buzzes) is solved. But I discovered a new behaviour: My hour buzz/chime is now sometimes executed two times. I experienced this two or three times in the last three days. If it is just like that I'm still happy now.

  • My hour buzz/chime is now sometimes executed two times.

    There were some posts a while ago where you were doing an hour chime and were trying to change the code such that the buzzer didn't get stuck on:­370318/#comment16309177

    And I was saying 'No, please don't do that because you can end up with it happening multiple times'.

    Is it possible that you were still using your modified code and not what I'd posted?

  • The code question and all changes to the standard pattern were the desperate attempt to get rid of the infinite buzzing bug, which turned out to be a firmware problem which you fixed right now. I'm using the standard pattern again since it has become clear that it is a bug in the firmware. btw: ALL hard to track bugs I reported so far turned out to be bugs in the end.

  • Ok, great - I had to check, because the code you'd posted there would have caused exactly the issue you're reporting.

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all buzzes not stopping

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