• Hello there.

    If I receive a message via my connected phone and a different app is open on the bangle (more often then not its the music control app), the watch w
    constantly vibrates and shows the message icon in the upper left area. I am not able to press on that icon (to big fingers maybe?), but I also dont want to. One vibrate would be fine, but not several, seemingly non ending.

  • I ran into the same issue. I hope it is just a setting that someone can point us to.

  • Which Bangle version, 1 or 2? I think it's not supposed to not repeat the buzzing - at least the settings don't seem to allow it.

  • Bangle JS 2, added to the title.

  • I just encountered this... I had another app open overnight, and when my watch recieved Android's "upcoming alarm" notification the persistent buzzing woke me up an hour early.

    I agree with Poolitzer that a single buzz is fine, but it shouldn't repeat indefinitely for regular notifications.

  • Happens to me too

  • This seems related to my hour chime issue a while ago, which generates an infinite buzz after 10-18 hours.


  • I think it could be https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i­ssues/1132 - the messages app will repeat buzzing for ~2 minutes. We should definitely do something about that.

    ... and I'll look into why the buzzer could be getting stuck on sometimes too.

  • the messages app will repeat buzzing for ~2 minutes.

    Aha, and I think it stops when the message app is open, which happens automatically when the clock is loaded, so that is why the repetition is only noticeable for me when I have music app open.

  • Ah, a general fix for stuck buzzers beside the notifictions would be great!

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Unexpected message app behaviour when other app is open (Bangle JS 2)

Posted by Avatar for Poolitzer @Poolitzer